About the Program

The Energy and Environment Program is an active and prominent convener of non-partisan policy dialogue and neutral forums focused on key energy and environmental topics and how to advance environmental sustainability in a technological world. The Program’s mission is to take-up the enduring questions about nature and society, and to prompt new thinking among diverse participants by deliberately testing assumptions and policies about sustainable water use, clean energy, climate change, and wildlife conservation. The Program promotes values-based dialogue between thought leaders from business, government, NGOs, and academia to address complex energy and environmental policy challenges in a collegial atmosphere that allows deliberation, creativity, collaboration, and compromise to flourish. Like the Aspen Institute as a whole, the Energy and Environment Program seeks to inspire and explore new ideas and provoke action in the real world.

For over four decades, its Energy Policy Forum has brought together senior industry, government, environmental and other leaders to report on a broad range of energy challenges and opportunities, including climate change, electricity markets, nuclear power, renewable fuels, and fuel efficiency. The Global Forum on Energy, Economy and Security assembles experts and policymakers to discuss oil and gas global markets. The Clean Energy Forum addresses the intersection of renewable energy, clean technology, innovation, and financing with commercial and public policy.

The Program’s efforts to advance collective knowledge about critical environmental problems have included collaborative dialogues on the impact and governance of climate change in the Arctic, conservation and human development, improving water access, sanitation, and hygiene policy, and international institutional responsibilities for validating emerging carbon markets.

Among various convenings and events, the Program manages several innovative ongoing conversations. They include:

  • Energy Policy Forum
  • Global Energy, Economy, and Security Forum
  • Clean Energy Innovation Forum
  • Future of Nuclear Energy Forum
  • Modern Shale Gas and Oil Production Forum
  • Energy Governance Roundtable Series
  • Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum
  • Food Security Forum
  • Oceans Community Study and Dialogue
  • Aspen-Nicholas Water Data Dialogue
  • US-India Track II Dialogue
  • US-China Track II Dialogue